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Aura Beaute


All textures welcome! Aura Beauté is a warm and inviting salon in the heart of Montreal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighbourhood. We specialize in personalized haircuts for all textures. We’re committed to healthy hair and education to help you embrace and love your natural hair. A gender neutral salon, we love each and every client as they are, so whether you have straight, wavy, curly or coily hair, you’re welcome at Aura Beauté.


Our services

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Signature curly hair services

All our signature curly hair services include an in-depth consultation, mini detox service, cleansing, hydration and styling with a diffuser or hood dryer. Our curly cuts also include dry cuts tailored to your hair and lifestyle. 

New client curly hair services

All new clients and those who haven’t had a curly cut at Aura Beauté in the past year must choose a service in this category. This assures we have enough time to consult with you and determine what your hair needs and what fits with your lifestyle. 

Returning client curly hair services

This category is reserved for those who have had curly hair services with Aura Beauté in the past year. If we don’t find a previous appointment in our files, your appointment will be changed to a new client appointment. 

Traditional cut and blow dry services

Perfect for those with naturally straight hair or wish to heat style their hair. Simply choose the length option that best corresponds to your hair length. Please note that hair that falls past the ears is considered mid-length.

All straight hair services include mini-detox, cleansing, hydration and styling with blow dryer, brush and irons if necessary.

Deluxe treatments

If your hair needs a little extra love or you simply feel like treating yourself, we offer a varied range of treatments that can be added to your service. Please note that our deluxe treatments are an add-on to our other services and cannot be taken alone. If you reserve a deluxe treatment without another service, we will add the styling service that best corresponds with your hair length and texture.

Modest appointments

We’re happy to accommodate people who cover their hair for reasons of modesty or faith or who otherwise prefer to be in an all-women environment. We’re an all-women team and we work far enough away from windows that you won’t be seen from the outdoors. Simply let us know in your booking notes when reserving your appointment so we can ensure a male-free environment during your time with us.

Detangling services

Please note that hair that requires extra time to detangle will incur extra charges. For hair that’s extremely matted please email us at aurabeautemontreal@gmail.com to discuss timing and costs of detangling.

Children’s haircuts

We love kids! However, their hair often takes as long to do as an adult’s hair, if not longer. For this reason, we don’t offer special child prices for our services. However, we’re pleased to offer a 15% discount for children and students under the age of 25.