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Frequently Asked Questions

See instructions on  Policies  page. Please follow instructions.

​Yes. The deposit secures and holds your appointment and is applied to your service at the end of your appointment.

Yes, every appointment begins with a thorough consultation. If you prefer to have a consultation before scheduling your appointment, that’s also possible. Simply schedule a consultation in the other services section of our booking platform.


We have a 24 hours cancellation policy. Please review our Policies page for more details. You can cancel your appointment via the confirmation email that was sent to you when you booked. If you secured your appointment with a deposit, it will be refunded. Please allow 3-7 business days for the funds to transfer back into your account.


We cut every type of curl from barely there waves to tight coils and super coily hair. Curly hair is curly hair. It’s our job to know how to cut every curl pattern. Because different patterns can’t all be treated the same, we use a variety of cutting and styling methods for different types of curls. We’ve taken advanced and specialized training in curly hair that has taught us to address every curl pattern with confidence. We love waves and curls and want you to know the best version of your hair possible. 


Yes we have complimentary wi-fi available.


Our signature curly cuts are designed to be visually balanced when worn curly, but this doesn’t always translate to straight hair. When straightened, a curly haircut can look drastically different and may not look even. If you plan on straightening your hair regularly, you may be better served with a traditional haircut. 

If you do decide to straighten your hair, don’t neglect to use a heat-protectant (with silicone!) to protect your curls, but be prepared for a change in your curl pattern. While it doesn’t happen to everyone, the keratin in your hair can start to melt when subjected to high heat. This can temporarily or permanently change the way your curls form.

Our passion is truly cutting and styling, consequently, we’ve  chosen not to offer colour services at this time. This may change in the future, but for now we can offer you a list of excellent colourists. 


You can absolutely still colour your hair with healthy curls. However, keep in mind that going lighter (with all over colour or highlights) will be damaging to your curls and may cause your curls to relax and even straighten in some cases. Staying close to your natural colour or going darker is always a better idea to maintain your hair’s structure and integrity. If you’d like to know more, we’d be happy to give you our opinion during a consultation. 

All inquiries and questions can be sent to our email address: aurabeautemontreal@gmail.com

Other important things to keep in mind:

 It can take up to 6 months of caring for your hair with your new curly haircut and maintenance methods before your curls reach their full potential and be free of sulfates and silicones. Be patient. We may need to reverse the many years of damage to your curl pattern from straightening, blow drying, combing and brushing out your hair. 


• We take before and after photos of clients to track progress and to use as reference for us both. I may or may not use these pictures in social media outlets. Remember that these photos are useful for other Curly Girls to see and helps them to feel confidant that they too, will receive a positive result. Please keep in mind I cannot post every before and after as I take many per day. Please let me know if you prefer I do NOT use your before and after photo on social media. 


• If you’ve had a Deva Cut in the past and did not like it, remember just like 5 artists painting the same thing; everyone interprets it in their own way. The outcome can be dramatically different with each stylist that you visit. 


What You Need to Know Most of All:    


• 1/3 of this process is a good dry curly haircut. 


• 1/3 of it is switching to sulfate/silicone free products and using the right proportions for your hair type. 


• 1/3 of it is learning how to work with your curls, which I will teach you! Experimenting with my curly methods at home is a must. Feel free to use these new tools you will learn and adapt them to what works best for you. 

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